Jacki Murphy

Half-Heartedly Trying to be Famous on the Internet Since 1999

About Me


I'm Jacki. This is my blog. I'm very bad at keeping a blog, so I do apologize if there isn't very much written here.

My job:
I'm the Internet Cafe manager on a cruise ship. Basically, I'm tech support with delusions of grandeur. I spend most of my day explaining to people that typing their email address into Google is not the way to access their inbox.

A cruise ship?
Yes, a cruise ship. I've been at sea for nearly six years now, and I have quite enjoyed myself the vast majority of the time. I've been nearly everywhere and met a lot of fantastic people, and I would recommend a stint at sea to anyone who isn't afraid of a little hard work.

Technically "home" is suburban Massachusetts, but I don't spend a lot of time there. I'm at sea from 8-10 months a year, and when I'm not at sea I'm usually with my boyfriend and his family in the fantastic Okanagan region of British Columbia.

This blog:
I write about a lot of things. Book reviews, video games, television, politics, religion, and stories from the places I've been. Does it all really belong in one blog? Almost definitely not, but I'm fairly certain that no one is reading this anyway.

Blog theme:
The blog is hosted by Ghost, and the theme was designed from scratch. It was kind of a hack templating job (Handlebars was hard, ok?) so it's not really available for another blog, but if there's any actual interest... I'll think about trying.

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