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Actual Things Said To Me In My Internet Café

Sometimes passengers say really ridiculous things, and sometimes I am smart enough to write them down.

  • "If I use free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, how do I pay for the data?"
  • "I've logged into the Internet Box but my messages aren't there."
  • "I signed up for your Internet but you only gave me The Google, I want to send textses!"
  • "I only bought this thing so I could Facepage my grandkids!"
  • "Hey, I put 'my email' into Google, but it didn't bring up my emails."
  • "If I give you my name and cabin number, can you find my Yahoo password?"
  • "Can you call Hotmail for me to have my password reset?"
  • "I minimized something and your computer ate it."
  • "No, no, no, young lady - I don't have AOL or Hotmail or Gmail, I just have email! Get me my emails!"
  • "I don't have a password, I'm from Canada."
  • I tried to download my emails but The Google told me Obama shut down Yahoo!"
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