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Christmas in the Caribbean

I grew up in a part of the world where the approach of winter was intrinsically linked with the approach of Christmas. The dropping temperature meant that soon we would be decking the halls, stringing the lights, and listening Christmas carols.

Despite the transient nature of my recent life and my strong feeling that nowhere on earth is really "home", I still associate Christmas with winter. I am fully aware that half of the world celebrates Christmas in the summer, and for many in the half where it is winter, it's still warm. I know.

I don't, however, care.

This year, Christmas will be spent somewhere at sea between Grenada and Aruba. It'll probably be 85 degrees and sunny, and our passengers will probably spend the day by the pool.

For me, it'll be a normal day. I'll get up at 8:00am and go to work. No time off at Christmas for ship's crew. But I think the thing that will bother me the most will be the weather. I will want nothing more than to wear a sweater and curl up by a fireplace, drinking Bailey's and watching It's a Wonderful Life. Not applying sunscreen and melting.

It's hard being away from your family with no time off to relax at the holidays. I think the only thing that would make it better would be if it would snow.

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