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Life On Land

So... I moved.

After six years at sea - six years of ups and downs and mostly great times but also really shitty times - it's time to try out this "real life" thing.

My boyfriend was offered a job working for our corporate offices on this fancy new cruise ship technology initiative, and I decided that this was the engraved invitation I was looking for to get my butt off of the high seas and onto land. We live in an apartment - which neither of us has ever done before - and the whole thing is really quite novel and new and exciting.

When you've been at sea for so long, really mundane things are strange and exhilarating. I can call my family any day I want. I can actually watch something on the Netflix subscription I pay for. I can aimlessly click through YouTube videos and not worry about the bandwidth I am wasting. A game needing to be updated on Steam doesn't mean I can't play anymore. I can get in a car and go anywhere, anytime. When you've spent the better part of the last decade at the mercy of All Aboard times and strict (and expensive!) data caps and no cell phone service - the minutiae of normal life is something I am decidedly unaccustomed to.

The downside to living on land is that I am now unemployed. Well, truth be told, I am loving being unemployed. I am thoroughly enjoying playing at domesticity through keeping an apartment clean and learning to cook. I have time to study and read and dive into real time-wasting endeavors such as renewing my World of Warcraft subscription. I am looking into ballet classes and community theatre and all the other things I've longed to be able to participate in.

But I do understand that unemployment is not something that I can sustain long-term. As much as my laziness longs for it, my student loan debt demands otherwise. So the challenge becomes - what do I do? I've got something tentative lined up at those same corporate offices, which seems like a no-brainer. But I've never really had a job I've liked - so the pressure to find the right job is real. Part of me wants to go grab my RHCSA certification and fully cultivate my inner Linux nerd. Part of me wants to throw myself 200% back into my teenage aspiration of web development. Part of me realizes that if my programming skills are anything to go by, I probably have no business doing anything in the realm of IT.

So I suppose I find myself at a crossroads of sorts. For the first time in years I really and truly have the freedom and the time to do whatever I want. I now just need to figure out what that is.

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