Jacki Murphy

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My New Year's Resolution: 'Thank You' Instead of 'Sorry'

I saw it on social media somewhere: Reddit, Tumblr, maybe Facebook - although it doesn't really matter. A little image someone had posted that encouraged people to say 'thank you' instead of 'sorry'. As someone who habitually apologizes for everything in the world, I scoffed at such a suggestion. Apologizing, I thought, somehow made me humble. Modest. Some elusive and wishy-washy attribute I was convinced that Nice Girls™ were supposed to have. I had convinced myself that saying I was sorry for things completely out of my control showed some level of superior empathy. I was, of course, wrong. There … Read More

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Sent Me a Flower

"You did not deserve to be yelled at by that horrible woman. Please know that there are those of us who appreciate everything you do!" I came in to work for my evening shift at 7:00pm. I had actually had to give myself a pep talk on my way to the Internet Café - it had been that kind of day. Come to think of it - it had been that kind of week. I was nervous, and upset, and on the edge of some kind of breakdown. People are frequently angry about our Internet systems - it's too … Read More

Christmas in the Caribbean

I grew up in a part of the world where the approach of winter was intrinsically linked with the approach of Christmas. The dropping temperature meant that soon we would be decking the halls, stringing the lights, and listening Christmas carols. Despite the transient nature of my recent life and my strong feeling that nowhere on earth is really "home", I still associate Christmas with winter. I am fully aware that half of the world celebrates Christmas in the summer, and for many in the half where it is winter, it's still warm. I know. I don't, however, care. This … Read More

From the Comments Section

The following comment appeared in the comments section of the New York Times' endorsement of Hillary Clinton: "I once attended a memorial in 1991 for several women who died of domestic violence. There were no TV cameras. It was just a small group of people marking the deaths of "nobodies". Mrs. Clinton was there. She made no speech. She wasn't running for anything. She was there. I think of that often." To me, this exemplifies exactly what kind of President Hillary Clinton would have been. A woman who cared, deeply, about each and every one of us - even the … Read More

Let's Hear It For the Girls

So, Trump won. I'm outraged, I'm ashamed, and I'm terrified. I don't want to live in a country run by a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic bully. I don't want to live in a country where the man who cries "Rigged!" gets to be President while getting the 2nd most votes. I don't want to live in a country where a man loses his job at NBC for laughing at offensive comments, but the man who made them gets to be President. But I do live in that country. And the future is all we can look to. We can look to … Read More