Jacki Murphy

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The Privilege and Cost of Evacuating

You'd be crazy not to evacuate, they said. It's not worth the risk to stay, they implored. I live in a South Florida town called Doral, just west of Miami. It is about as far away from the coast as one can get in South Florida without ending up literally in the Everglades. No part of Doral was under an evacuation order during the lead-up to Hurricane Irma. Despite not being in an evacuation zone, the messages didn't stop coming. Family, friends, people I hadn't spoken to for years - all begging me to leave. My boyfriend and I had … Read More

The Heartbreak of Fostering Animals

You grow up loving animals. When your dad takes you fishing as a little kid up in New Hampshire, you scoop them up and hold them in your tiny hands and talk to them before you toss them gently back into Winnisquam Lake. When you forget to feed the family goldfish one day - one day out of months of faithful feeding - and one fish dies a few weeks later, you confess that your "neglect" was the cause of death. When you're 12 your neighbor gives you two baby rabbits. A couple years later your family gets … Read More

Thoughts on Visiting a Latter-day Saint Church Service

Eleven years ago, when I spent a semester at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, my friends took me to speak with Mormon missionaries. The meeting hadn't been set for me - another friend was actively seeking to be baptized – they just invited me to tag along. At the time, I knew next to nothing about their faith. Even though I still do not consider myself a religious person, eleven years ago my atheism was practically anti-theism. Catholic and Lutheran and ex-Mormon friends alike had all given me stern warnings to "stay away" from missionaries. But … Read More

Life On Land

So... I moved. After six years at sea - six years of ups and downs and mostly great times but also really shitty times - it's time to try out this "real life" thing. My boyfriend was offered a job working for our corporate offices on this fancy new cruise ship technology initiative, and I decided that this was the engraved invitation I was looking for to get my butt off of the high seas and onto land. We live in an apartment - which neither of us has ever done before - and the whole thing is … Read More

On The Occasion of Having Been at Sea for Five Years

Almost a year ago, I found myself in possession of an invitation to the ship's monthly service awards luncheon. I was a bit confused - it wasn't my birthday, and I certainly hadn't been nominated for employee of the month. But as I thought about it, it dawned on me: I had been with the company for five years. Five years. I'm honestly not entirely sure how it happened. When I started applying for cruise ship jobs in the fall of 2010, my main motivation was simply a job wherein I would not default on my student loans while simultaneously … Read More