Jacki Murphy

Half-Heartedly Trying to be Famous on the Internet Since 1999

Life On Land

So... I moved. After six years at sea - six years of ups and downs and mostly great times but also really shitty times - it's time to try out this "real life" thing. My boyfriend was offered a job working for our corporate offices on this fancy new cruise ship technology initiative, and I decided that this was the engraved invitation I was looking for to get my butt off of the high seas and onto land. We live in an apartment - which neither of us has ever done before - and the whole thing is … Read More

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Sent Me a Flower

"You did not deserve to be yelled at by that horrible woman. Please know that there are those of us who appreciate everything you do!" I came in to work for my evening shift at 7:00pm. I had actually had to give myself a pep talk on my way to the Internet Café - it had been that kind of day. Come to think of it - it had been that kind of week. I was nervous, and upset, and on the edge of some kind of breakdown. People are frequently angry about our Internet systems - … Read More

Does Anybody Know What Day It Is?

One of the most interesting aspects of living out at sea is that you completely lose your sense of time. You measure things in terms of cruises instead of weeks, and in ports of call instead of days. Yesterday was Bar Harbor, today is Saint John, tomorrow is Halifax. I can tell you that it is Wednesday, but only because I just pulled out my phone to check. This occurs across all cruises and itineraries. You can be sailing in 7-day circles around Mexico, landing in Los Angeles every Saturday, and you still never know what day it is. The … Read More